Principal’s Speech

While assuming the captaincy of this flagship of Govind National College. I am overwhelmed by holy feelings of reverence, awe, and gratitude. As principal, heading this college offers a really big challenge as one has to match one’s performance with the predecessors. Let us pick the challenge together. Friends, we are passing through great changes as the entire academic paradigm is shifting. Moving in gear with time, we have to grow at the speed of thought to register even the eye-blink changes. With the world talking of sky colleges, digital pathshalas, Net Universities, the knowledge economy, and of mobile learning, there is a need to jack up competency levels to international standards. Further moving in synch with time, we must empower and strengthen our traditional courses with IT and its mega reach. Traditional methods of delivering information are increasingly being superseded by digital technology. I wish all of you think big and the latest. We are taking every step to strengthen our supremacy in infrastructure, in academic programs, placements and consultancy, and even in culture and sports. Thank you.

Dr. Kamaljit Singh Sohi
M.A., B.ED., M.PHIL., PH.D.